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Project Description
This library contains functionality for updating different dynamic DNS Providers like for example and NoIP. The library is compatible with the .NET Compact Framework 2.0 and higher.

There are differents solutions on the market to "push" data to mobile devices. Taking a deeper look in most cases this "push" is a some type of a device driven long running function. To achieve a real push some type of adressing has to take place to contact a mobile device. Therefore a standarized system shall be used. Additionally to cope with the fact that mobile connections get assigned dynamic IPs providers offering Dynamic DNS entries seem to be the right choice to solve the described problem.

This project consists of a easy to use client library, primarily developed for the .NET Compact Framework 2.0 or higher. As no specific functionality (P/Invoke etc.) is used it shall work on the .NET Framework 2.0 or higher as well (not tested yet).

Usage scenario
The library can be used, to support the connectivity for Services like WebServers (like Padarn or Managed Code Ickle WebServer on Mobile Devices), , Messaging like MSMQ, TCPListener or Sockets as well, whether running on Windows Mobile or on the Desktop PC.


Integrated sample Providers:
  • TCP based
    • ChangeIP
    • DynDNS
    • DtDNS
    • NoIP
  • Web based
    • DynDNS
    • MyIP

Simple and extendable infrastructure for own provider creation.
Architectual Diagram.png

Sample application for Windows Mobile 5 (Pocket PC) how to use the library.

Screenshot dynamicDNS.jpg

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